“Ignite the Passion of your Promises”

What is the difference between Coaching and Counseling?

Coaching revolves around personal and professional strengths and growth without the mental health aspects of which counseling is primarily focused…

Marriage Enchantment Coaching helps you understand exactly what’s going on in your life and your relationship;

Coaching focuses on education and solutions surrounding the issues at hand; as in sports, a coach works with you with your strengths to focus on what you can do about strengthening your strengths and growth areas.

Coaching may involve a discussion of past relationships or perhaps other times in your life, it will not mimic psychotherapy where the effect of childhood experiences in your life are often examined.

Coaching is for the present moment and concerns; where counseling often takes place over months or years, relationship coaching can be a short term process. It can also be an ongoing relationship if you so desire.

Because coaching is based on your needs, and your needs alone, you call the shots about when and how often to meet. You lead in the direction you want to go. And the good news is that relationship coaching compliments therapy as each offers different perspectives to create greater awareness in your relationship.

The beauty of relationship coaching is that it is an effective and efficient way to bring about change in your life and relationship quickly and with great success!

Marriage Enchantment provides a platform from which to explore the possibilities of empowering your marriage with energy, enthusiasm, and enlightenment – at any stage……. at any age.

Marriage Enchantment – defined as “United Blessedness” is your gateway to providing wonderful Truths and Purpose to empower a solid relationship for nearly weds, newly weds or a fresh start for couples who are already married.

Strong marriages don’t just happen.. They are established in Truth and built with Purpose! Many couples start a life together enjoying elaborate engagement parties. Bridal showers are meticulously planned. And a multitude of choices are made which result in a painstaking beautiful grand finale – Your Wedding!

By establishing a foundation in God’s Purpose and understanding His plan and purpose for their lives can a couple build a lifetime of happiness and joy.

Embrace the opportunity of the “new” in your relationship and enter into the “United Blessedness” of your marriage!

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