“I Still DO” – Ignite the Passion of your Promises

In our busy world we sometimes forget all that we are receiving and giving to the person that we are sharing our life with. A marriage vow renewal ceremony reaffirming your love and commitment helps to remind you of all that you mean to each other.

Just as with your original wedding your ceremony would be uniquely and personally arranged as you choose. There are many beautiful and picturesque sites in the Redwoods, on the Bluffs, Meadows and Sea Sides in both Sonoma and Mendocino California, on the beach, in beautiful park settings, perhaps in your home, at a resort, lodge or hotel, anywhere that you choose. You may wish to include your children, write your own vows, or honor a new tradition in your family.

Whatever your thoughts we can work together to make it meaningful for you.

Renewal of Marriage Vows

The Renewal of Marriage Vows or Marriage Blessing Ceremony is often used to celebrate a wedding anniversary, or any time a couple wishes to renew their commitment to each other; such as following a time of separation as with many military personnel on deployment; or following a challenging time in marriage.

A special “Renewal of Vows” certificate will be presented for you and your witnesses to sign to mark your Special occasion.

Renewing your vows is a deeply meaningful way to renew and refresh the bonds of love within your marriage, and to share that love with others in your life together. Above all else, a wedding vow renewal ceremony should be an expression of the unique joy of your life together.