This celebration is an opportunity to thank God for the precious gift of your child. An opportunity to publicly declare your intent as a family and parents to commit to abide by biblical principles to raise your child with a focus and spiritual sense according to Gods word.

This ceremony can be presided at a home, park, beach, hotel, restaurant, country club or any other venue of your choice. Rev Powers provides a personalized ceremony for child, the parents, and Godparents (if applicable).

During these ceremonies, your child is welcomed to the world with words of joy and vows of commitment by the parents and godparents. Each ceremony is tailored to reflect the family’s hopes for the child to seek a safe, blessed and fulfilling journey through life.

Family members as well are invited to offer personal blessing as well as readings and poems.

Delivered with happiness, warmth and gratitude, Baby Blessings are a wonderful way to include friends and family in an event that honors both child and parents.

Certificate provided upon request!